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Getting Your Fireplace Ready for Fall

Vacation season is ending. School is just around the corner. And the weather is turning cooler. It’s time to prepare your fireplace to ensure safe, cozy autumn evenings.


Wood-Burning Fireplace

Remove any wood from the fireplace. Then, remove the andirons and the grate. Sweep up the ash and then vacuum up the remaining debris. Scrub the inside of the fireplace with a stiff bristle brush and a cleaning solution. You can clean the surrounding bricks with a pumice stone dipped in dish soap. Clean the andirons and tools. Finally, clean the glass doors with glass cleaner and paper towel. After the fireplace has dried completely, reassemble it. It’s also important to have a professional ensure that the chimney is clean and ready for the first fire of the season.


Gas Fireplace

Begin by turning off the gas valve and letting the burners cool completely. Remove the ceramic logs and place them on an old towel. Wipe them off with a cloth or dry paint brush. Remove the stones from the fireplace. Vacuum up any dust and debris under and around the gas grate. Also, vacuum the flue liner if applicable. Being careful not to get the gas unit and grate too wet, clean the walls and floor of the fireplace with a stiff bristle brush and cleaning solution. Rinse with a clean cloth. You can wipe the gas grate and unit with a cloth dampened slightly in the cleaning solution. After your fireplace is completely dry, reassemble it.  


Electric Fireplace

Turn off your electric fireplace. Open the glass doors. Dust the hearth, andirons, stones, and logs with a clean cloth. If you’d like, you can use metal polish on the metal andirons. Using the hose of your vacuum or a hand vacuum, clean the vents. Using a damp cloth or a duster, wipe down the walls of your fireplace, inside and out. Use glass cleaner and paper towels to clean the glass doors.


And no matter what type of fireplace you have, to ensure everything is in the best possible working order, contact My Fireplace and arrange a service call.


To book an appointment, call My Fireplace’s London location at (519) 652-2774 or the St. Thomas location at (519) 633-4256.