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Does My Fireplace Carry Heat Pumps?

We at COAD My Fireplace carry four heat pumps for you to choose from.

Among them are the Lennox SL25XPv and the Lennox CBX40UHV.

What are the features of the Lennox SL25XPV?

This unit won the 2022 GOOD DESIGN® Award for Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology. It comes with an electronic check/expansion valve (EEV) and is an outdoor unit. It also features a discharge temperature switch, high and low pressure transducers, and high and low pressure switches. The variable-speed condenser fan motor has integrated control. Plus, the unit comes with a Quantum™ condenser coil.

What are the features of the Lennox CBX40UHV?

The CBX40UHV features a high-efficiency evaporator coil and SilentComfort™ technology. (And who doesn’t want a quiet heating and cooling unit?) It has high static capability, a variable-speed blower motor, a MERV 16 precision pleat filter, and an insulated blower compartment. The CBX40UHV is environmentally responsible, using R-410A refrigerant and comes with a 10-year limited warranty on all covered components.

Glossary of Terms

Heat pump: Compressor inside the unit uses electricity to increase temperature of heat extracted from outside air. Conversely, heat pump provides cooling by transferring warm indoor air outside.

Condenser coil: Coil located in box outside home where refrigerant releases heat absorbed from inside.

Condenser fan: Main component of the heat pump cycle. (Outside heat is compressed and passes into a water heating circuit that flows around your home&#39;s radiators. Heat transfer from the heat pump cycle to the water system takes place in heat pump condenser.)

Discharge temperature switch: Ensures heat pump shuts down if outside temperatures drop too low.

EEV valve: Abbreviation for “electronic expansion valve.” Installed after the condenser.

By opening and closing, valve regulates refrigerant flow rate to control superheat at evaporator outlet.

Evaporator coil: Absorbs heat from inside your home.

Pressure switches: Pressure in one side of the system rises while pressure in the other lowers when the unit is turned on. Switch ensures pressure is as it should be on both sides.

Transducers: Pressure sensor fitted into the unit.

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